Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Super French, Super Holy

Yves Klein, The Monotone Symphony, March 9, 1960

Yves Klein, Blue Venus, 1961

Yelle - A Cause des Garcons (Booster Remix)

La Première Femme de la France

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Kelly said...

first of all, nice title. second, yves klein's work is pretty much all about spectacle, so i think you chose the perfect article to accompany it: sexual, absurd, exploitative.

sidebar: yves klein has often been criticized for his use of women as the subject in art, the receiver of the gaze, at a time in art history when feminist theory was coming to the fore (ie laura mulvey). is he a chauvinist? probably, but his work is still the shit.

look up valie export. she takes the female body to the next level...