Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"I'm Mikey, I Rock..."

Hello World,

My Name is RudesMuse.

Today I have unlocked the key...for you! I will be giving you MY choithes in the most inspiring music each month. While very personal, I hope my picth will similarly invigorate and uplift all that take the time to download.

Have fun, don't hate, and enjoi [楽しみなさい]!



Take My Time 3:49 JUNIOR SENIOR
Listening Man (Radio Edit) 3:36 The Bees
Open Your Heart 3:11 Lavender Diamond
Ebony Eyes 2:21 The Stylistics
Gold Watch 4:15 Lupe Fiasco
Loose Boots 4:37 Stylofone
I Will Follow 3:38 U2
Lonely Hearts 4:34 Joakim
Sensual Seduction 4:06 Snoop Dogg [Thnoop DUN DID IT THIS TIME!]
Mistaken for Strangers 3:33 The National [ENYCE!]
Too Drunk to Fuck 2:16 Nouvelle Vague
Pray (The Knocks Remix) 4:13 Jay-Z
Valerie (featuring Amy Winehouse) 3:39 Mark Ronson [The OTHER "M.R." GENIUS!]
Party Life (The Knocks Remix) 3:43 Jay-Z [Will get your feets moving!]
Fireworks 6:51 Animal Collective
Mer du Japon (Remix By Kris Menace) 4:58 AIR [Shouts to Ithee in Mexico!]
Self Service 4:14 Studio
This Time Tomorrow 3:26 The Kinks [Shouts to J.M.!]
We Used to Vacation 4:04 Cold War Kids
Katrina 2:51 The Black Lips [Still in love!]
Year of the Cat 6:43 Al Stewart
Beach Party 3:14 Air France [Yothef chillage!]
Mikey Rocks 3:25 The Cool Kids [My THEME SONG!]
Duffle Bag Boy 4:18 Playaz Circle & Lil Wayne [Old, yes, but TRES G'T'M!]



RudesMuse said...

Awesome list dude, keep 'em coming.

Adam said...

Yo this list is ridic, nice job mikey